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Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

Till a few decades back self employed loans were considered a privilege for the rich. The fact remained that irrespective of your social status, you could need finances to start or expand a business. In theory speaking self employed persons are defined as those who run their own business either as a full time occupation or as a partial or partner occupation or as a family member proprietor. They can be people with just one income or with multiple incomes. Self-employed persons can be people belonging to any background including Indian, Pakistan and other developing countries.

Https:// There was a time when self employed loans were considered risky by many financial institutions

There was a fear that the borrower will not return the loan amount on time as it was granted. At that time many borrowers were disheartened by the fact that there was no one to support them during financial crisis. But the situation has changed in recent years. The reality remains that lenders are ready to provide self employed loans to all sorts of borrowers.

In fact lenders have designed self employed loans to suit the present day needs of borrowers. Borrowers with a bad credit score or without any credit score can apply for the same. The fact remains that if the borrower is eligible for the loan then he will get a lower interest rate, larger repayment duration, and flexible terms and conditions. All these features are designed to help borrowers fulfill their needs.

Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

Lenders have designed self employed loans in such a manner that they do not discriminate between borrowers with different credit scores. The fact remained that lenders had difficulty accepting the risk of borrowers. But now the situation has changed.

Lenders are ready to approve self-employed home loans even to those borrowers who lack any collateral. This means that even borrowers without any credit history of employment can apply for the loan. The flexibility in terms of the repayment duration and the smaller interest rate make these loans very attractive for borrowers.

The fact remains that the interest rates for self-employed loans are often quite low.

Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

There was a time when self employed loans were disbursed only after providing some security by way of a car or house. The fact remained that most self employed individuals did not possess cars or houses. However, the situation has changed in recent years. Now borrowers need not worry about not having the possession of collateral to access the loan.

This is mainly because the risk is shared by lenders. Hence, the amount of risk that lenders bear is reduced. This translates into very low interest rates for self-employed borrowers. As a result, self-employed borrowers find self-employed loans to be a great financial solution.

Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

When you consider the facts stated above, it is easy to understand why so many self-employed professionals have considered self-employed loans to be a viable option to finance their ventures. It is also evident that self-employed professionals are happy with the present banking environment. In fact, they often speak about how banks have tightened their belts so severely to accommodate the self-employed in spite of the fact that these borrowers tend to indulge in high risk activities. With stiff competition between lenders, borrowers now have a wider choice of lenders at their disposal.

One important thing to remember when considering self-employed loans is that you will have to pay considerably higher rates of interest compared to other loans. This is due to the fact that the lender faces increased risks as there is a higher probability that the self-employed borrower will default on the repayments. Such defaults result in the lenders having to write off the entire loan. Such losses prompt the self-employed individual to focus even more on managing his business. The result is that borrowers who were enjoying good returns on their self-employed ventures can now see them eroding away.

Alternatives to Self Employed Loans

Fortunately, there are viable alternatives to self-employed loans available to self-employed borrowers. The best alternative, in my opinion, is a type of partnership agreement. Such an agreement enables self-employed borrowers to control their own finances, whilst simultaneously providing security to the lenders. More importantly, such agreements also enable self-employed borrowers to enjoy all the benefits of working for themselves whilst avoiding the hassles and costs of dealing with banks and other financial institutions.

For example, self-employed individuals can use their partnership agreements to arrange for emergency debt repayment. Such debt repayment options are much less burdensome and inconvenient than conventional loans. In addition, such agreements also provide additional security for self-employed borrowers. In fact, a successful arrangement can even help to improve the credit rating of the self-employed borrower.

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